From Seed to Cup: Our coffees are sourced ethically & responsibly

At Black Sheep we hand select our coffees via a rigorous cupping process. It involves a combination of cupping for flavor and taking into account the practices of each farm where the coffee is grown.  Once a coffee is selected to be part of our roast program, we design a roast profile to accentuate the characteristics of the coffee that are most desirable.

The end result of this selection process is to provide our customers with coffees that highlight each origins finest qualities and support human and environmentally sensitive practices.

Black Sheep Coffee Roasters is in the heart of the high sierra in downtown Bishop, CA

Come on by to Bishop’s Favorite Coffee Bar & Patio Café for Espresso Drinks, Cup of Tea, Breakfast Burritos plus Scones and other Freshly Baked Items. Catering by Clarksons Bake Bread. All our milk is ORGANIC! Because it tastes better. It’s better for the environment and your body.

HOURS:  Monday – Thursday 7:00 am to 12:30 pm.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday is open 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Wholesale Coffee

Graduate to an exceptional quality of artisan coffee. We have a proprietary roasting system that combines age-old artistry with modern technology to roast each coffee to perfection, each and every time. Artisan roasting varies by type of bean, time of year, temperature, and weather.

We don’t just push a button and hope for the best.

Finca El Socorro -Direct Trade Coffee From Guatemala

Our coffee from Juan Diego de la Cerda’s Finca El Socorro has proven to be one of the best coffee farms in Guatemala year after year. In 2007, it won 1st place in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence for the first time and took 4th place in the same competition in 2008. In 2011, El Socorro’s Maracaturra lot won the Guatemala Cup of Excellence Competition. Then, in 2012, Juan Diego finished in the top five in the Coffee of the Year competition. In 2020 he again took 1st place with his washed Gesha!