Bedhatu Jibicho – Ethiopia, Gedeo Zone – Woman owned and managed!

12oz coffee. Ethiopian Bedhatu Jibicho Organic -Tasting Notes:Jasmine, honey, vibrant lemon

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Our current Ethiopian offering is a washed coffee from the legendary coffee farmer Bedhatu Jibicho, one of the few women coffee farm owners in Ethiopia.  Bedhatu owns and personally manages her 84 acre farm without the use of synthetic fertilizers or insecticides.  Located in the center of the cradle of coffee civilization, Bedhatu’s farm is comprised of many naturally occurring varietals of coffee both heirloom and wild making for intense flavors and sweetness!

Bedhatu’s farm is woman owned and woman led for many years now and over time she has expanded her business with sharp farm management and state of the art production techniques.  This particular coffee is a double washed offering with excellent and clear flavors that are unique to the growing region of Yirgacheffe.  For more about bedhatu and her farm please read on below the cupping notes and brew recs …

FlavorsJasmine, honey, vibrant lemon

Varietals – Bourbon wild cultivars

Bedhatu Jibicho – a unique grower in the most prestigious coffee growing region in the world!  Her family’s journey in coffee is emblematic of the recent changes in the Ethiopian export rules, which in the past few years have opened new opportunities for individual farmers to export their own coffee, rather than limit exportation to cooperative unions and private companies. Bedhatu is native to the Worka area in the Gedeb district of Yirgacheffe. Her late husband was granted the family land in the 1960s from the Ethiopian government. After he passed away in 1991, Bedhatu continued to single-handedly manage the farm while raising all six of their children. In the same year she was recognized as a model farmer by the union and became eligible for processing training that would allow her to prepare and sell her own coffee as a separate lot, marketed and handled by the union as part of a new program of differentiation. While the Roba family has expanded their reach to support other producers, we are always pleased to have an offering from Bedhatu’s original 84-acre farm, which she has personally managed for over 50 years now without the use of chemical inputs.  84-acres is drastically larger than most farms in the area, and Bedhatu employs 20 year-round workers and another 130 seasonal workers for the harvest who are primarily women

The flavor of this coffee is best described as a fruit forward elixir with strong notes of Verbena lemon, black tea and jasmine.  It is universally appreciated as espresso, brew coffee or pour over.

Ethiopian washed coffee – This means the coffee has been fully washed with clean mountain water and fermented for 48 hours before depulping and drying in the sun on raised beds for 10 to 14 days.

On the black sheep cupping table, this coffee scores between 88 and 90 points depending on the cupper’s preferences.  However, with 88 being the lowest that it has scored this is definitely a universally appealing cup of coffee!

Our favorite way to make this coffee is the Hario V60 as it high-lites crisp acidity and aromatics that make it a stand out coffee!

Flavor Notes : lemonade, black tea, jasmine, sugary

Recommended brew methods: Hario V60, Single Origin Espresso, Drip

Brew Notes

Espresso on La Marzocco GB5

Input – 18 grams

Output – 36 grams

Time – 28 seconds


Input – 23 grams of coffee

Grind – In between cone and flat bottom filter.  Number 4 on Mahlkonig Kenya grinder.

Water – Fill aeropress to top (inverted)

Time – 2:00 minute steep and then press

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Weight 13.5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in

Whole Bean, French Press, V-cone / Pour Over, Flat Bottom Drip, Aeropress, Chemex