Finca Alto Bonito – Eduin Hernandez – Honey Processed- COFFEE

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12oz Alto Bonito Coffee. Read more below. Available whole bean or ground to your liking. Select options below:

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What makes this coffee unique is its production.  Part of the crop was produced as a natural and the other as a red honey coffee.  This particular coffee is a blend of both with 70% being honey process and the other 30% natural process.  The result is an exceptionally delicate and clean cup of coffee with striking strawberry fruit flavors up front and dark chocolate (90% cacao) as it cools.

Eduin Hernandez is part of the Cedro Alto coffee collective – a group of small farmers who band together to have a larger voice.  Each member of the collective sends samples of their harvest – or microdot – to the Cedro Alto cupping lab. At the lab they cup everything that arrives, give detailed feedback, and if cup quality reaches the agreed-upon level, the collective pre-finances the farmer, effectively purchasing their parchment coffee up front, minus costs. It is then the collective’s responsibility to mill, export, import, warehouse, market, and sell the collective member’s coffee to a roaster.  The farmer remains protected since they have already been paid.

Black Sheep has been working with the Cedro Alto coffee collective for nearly 4 years and is proud to showcase this very unique coffee from Eduin Hernandez.

Altitude – 1800m

Region: Herrera, Tolima, Colombia

Processing – 30% natural 70% red honey

Flavor and Brew Recommendations

V60 – strawberry, cocoa, crisp

Espresso – strawberry, rhubarb, sugar, crazy sweet

Recommended brew methods – V60 pour over

recipe – 22 grams ground coffee

water – 350 grams 200 degree water

Time – 3:30

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 3 in