Guatemala Yellow Bourbon

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12oz  Guatemalan washed Yellow Bourbon coffee.

Tasting Notes: Juicy | Tropical | Cashew


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Tastes like: Juicy | Tropical | Cashew

Finca El Socorro is a coffee farm of unsurpassable beauty in the highlands of Central Guatemala roughly 50 kilometers from Guatemala City.  The Black Sheep team has won a golden bean with the El Socorro Pacamara and so we have brought Guatemala El Socorro coffee back again!

El Socorro itself is a working farm established in the early 1960s with cows, chickens and food crops all being maintained and grown on-site and alongside coffee bushes.  It is located in a high-altitiude tropical highland forest with many native trees providing shade for the coffee bushes themselves..  El Socorro’s prized coffees are a result of its high altitude location combined with University trained agronomist (and owner) Diego De La Cerda’s great attention to detail.

Please try some of our brew recommendations listed below …

Altitude – 1550m to 1900m

Region: Central Guatemala

Processing – Washed

Brew Recommendation

Recommended brew methods –

V60 pour over

recipe – 22 grams ground coffee

water – 330 grams 200 degree water

Time – 4min


Amount – 17 grams of coffee

Duration of shot – 25 seconds with 3 second pre-infusion

Output or weight of shot – 35 grams

Water temperature – 196 degrees

Additional information

Weight13.5 oz
Dimensions3.5 × 2 × 6 in

Whole Bean, French Press, V-cone / Pour Over, Flat Bottom Drip, Aeropress, Chemex

Coffee Bag Size

3/4 lb, 2 lb, 5 lb