Guatemala El Socorro – Pacamara

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12oz Finca El Socorro Pacamara Coffee. Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, warm cocoa, sweet lemon, tropical fruit, cane sugar

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Finca El Socorro is a coffee farm of unsurpassable beauty in the highlands of Guatemala in the state of Palencia which is  roughly 50 kilometers from Guatemala City.  The Black Sheep team has won a golden bean with the El Socorro Pacamara and so we have brought this coffee back again because we love it so much!  We know you will too.

El Socorro itself is a working farm established in the early 1960s with cows, chickens and food crops all being maintained and grown on-site and alongside coffee bushes.  It is located in a high-altitiude tropical highland forest with many native trees providing shade for the coffee bushes themselves..  El Socorro’s prized coffees are a result of its high altitude location combined with University trained agronomist (and owner) Diego De La Cerda’s great attention to detail.  He has spurred the farms focus on quality coffee production since the late 1990s with advanced processing techniques including warm water fermentaion.

Please try some of our brew recommendations listed below …

Altitude – 1550m to 1900m

Region: Palencia Guatemala

Processing – Washed

Flavor and Brew Recommendations

V60 – cocoa, lemon, tropical fruit, sugar

Espresso – Milk chocolate, clean finish, excellent with milk

Recommended brew methods –

V60 pour over

recipe – 22 grams ground coffee

water – 350 grams 200 degree water

Time – 3:30


Amount – 17 grams of coffee

Duration of shot – 25 seconds with 3 second pre-infusion

Output or weight of shot – 25 to 30 grams

Water temperature – 196 degrees

Additional information

Weight 13.5 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 2 × 6 in

Whole Bean, French Press, V-cone / Pour Over, Flat Bottom Drip, Aeropress, Chemex