The Naturals Blend

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12oz The Naturals Blend. Tasting Notes: Super smooth, fudge, blackberry

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The naturals is a blend of three different coffees: 2 from El Salvador and another from Brazil.  All have been dried on raised beds with green coffee bean still inside the coffee fruit husk for 21 to 30 days to absorb all of the naturally occurring flavors that the coffee fruit has to offer.  Once dried, the cherries are sent to the mill to be de-husked and sorted into green coffee.  El Salvador has taken the lead on processed coffees coming out of Central America as there are many progressive farmers exploring the depths of flavor that can be created with new school processing methods from Natural to Honeys and Anaerobics.

The flavor profile of this blend is described as complex, with a fusion of fruity and fudge-like flavors. The taste highlights include a sweet strawberry and blueberry essence, interwoven with deep chocolate notes. This blend is a result of the innovative coffee farming techniques that modern era coffee farmers are using to unlock unique and rich flavor profiles in their coffee.

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